New Generation 5 Model 3M Design Offers More Precise Control of Water Flow

With our new ball valve design the model 3M provides greater precision and control of water flow than ever before.  This new nine stage ball valve design lets you adjust water flow while the device is in operation.  Eliminating the need to break down equipment to swap out internal orifice rings required by our old design. 

This new design permits you to set the water flow to nine sepeate flow rates, letting you more finely adjust water flow through the device to find the most efficient setting for chlorination and dechlorination.

With this new design you can set up and get working faster than ever before.  Simply set up your equipment and start your water flow through the device and adjust the flow to achieve proper vacuum in the lateral bypass. Once you reach proper vacuum start your chemical feed and you are ready to go.

Authentically a set it and forget design, the generation 5 model 3M will have you done with each stage of your project faster than ever. Set it up, adjust water flow for the chlorine residual you are dealing with and start your chemical feed.  Its that simple.

Whether chloinating or dechlorinating the procedure you follow never changes. Set the device to the flow rate you need and start your chemical feed.  And this new design provides the same range of permformance as our previous design, 1 gpm to 1200+ gpm, but with finer degree of flow control than available before.