H2O Neutralizers

Model 3M Total Solution PackageModel 5M Total Solution PackageWith patented venturi induction and replaceable orifice ring inserts H2O Neutralizer offers one of the most flexible and reliable systems for chemical injection in chlorination and dechlorination available anywhere.

H2O Neutralizer's unique lateral bypass venturi design provides the most consistent chemical draw rate at the widest range of flow rates of any method of chlorination or dechlorination.H2O Neutralizer's unique venturi design beats all others.

By allowing the device to be adjusted to match the exact chemical residual needed at the precise rate of flow needed for each specific project assures your ability to manage chemical usage and achieve complete chlorine neutralization without wasting time or materials.

Available in two sizes, 3 inch & 5 inch, and a number of package options we are confident one of our packages will prove a perfect fit for your needs.

New Generation 5 Model 3M Offers More Precise Control of Water Flow Rate - Eliminates Insertable Orifice Rings

New Generation 5 design offers more control and precision with an easier to use design.  Click her to learn more...

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Model 3M Options

Flow Range - 9 GPM  to 1200+ GPM

Model 5M Options

Flow Range - 9 GPM  to 4000+ GPM

3100 - FNST Fittings

Model 3M 3100 Series Package Options

3200 - FNPT Fittings

Model 3M 3200 Series Package Options

5100 - FNST Fittings

Model 5M 5100 Series Package Options

5200  - FNPT Fittings

Model 5M 5200 Series Package Options

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