3" Water Diffuser5" Water DiffuserDiffusers

Our aluminum full flow discharge diffusers come in 3" and 5" models. Both models feature type "D" cam lock inlet connections and require no anchoring. Simply connect hose running for device, place in any position and start your discharge.

One Inch Line AdapterAdapters

We also offer a number of adapters to allow the H2O Neutralizer to work with a variety of smaller inlet/discharge line sizes. 

We offer a variety of adapters for your needs.


We have hoses available in 10 & 20 foot lengths in both 3" & 5" inch.Our nitrile rubber discharge hoses give you the run and residence time to assure full and complete chlorine neutralization. Available in 3" and 5" diameters these twenty foot hoses are the perfect match for our aluminum diffusers.

Contact us or your rep to discuss your needs.

Chlorine Testers

The Palintest Chlorine Tester is one of the finest test devices available.Palintest Chlorometer Duo

The new Palintest Chiorometer Duo offers a new dimension in chlorine testing. Used in conjunction with DPD standard method developed by Palintest, it provides a level of simplicity and accuracy unrivalled in a portable hand-held instrument.

The Palintest Unit comes with everything you need to accurately test chlorine residual.Features
  • Tests for Chlorine (DPD)
    - 0.01 - 5 mgIL (Low Range)
    - I - 250 mg/L (Chlorine HR)
  • Robust, Waterproof, P 67 Rating
  • Available in hard or soft carry case
  • Easy to use (4 intuitive buttons)
  • Ideal for routine water monitoring