How Having the Right Information Will Protect Your Bond;

Free Copy of ANSI/AWWA Standards 
C-651 Disinfecting Water Mains or C-655 Field DeChlorination
with Purchase of the H2O Neutralizer.

Understanding the requirements necessary to complete any water line project with a minimum number of issues is essential to completing any project successfully. That is one of the main reasons I write this newsletter, to share important knowledge about field chlorination and dechlorination.

When we at Measurement Technologies started manufacturing our first dechlorination device, the industry was in need of a method to meet the new requirement for neutralization of chlorinated water discharges.   Chlorination was at the time mostly a simple process of loading the pipe with chlorine chemical during construction.

Well, times are a changing and newly released updates to AWWA standards for field chlorination require new procedures. This is why I believe my newsletters are only part of the solution to keeping you informed on proper field procedures.  I can talk all day about the requirements defined in the standards, but you will develop a better understanding of those requirements by having your own copy of the standard in your hand when you need it most OUT IN THE FIELD.

You may think you haven’t had reason to follow these standards before, why do you need it now? Bottom-line? You need to protect yourself and your company from the consequences of improper discharge of super chlorinated water.

20 years ago you didn’t have to worry about dechlorination, you could load your pipeline up with more chlorine than necessary (to insure passing your tests) and just blow it off into the environment. Nobody said a word. Today you are required to high volume flush and dechlorinate at the same time.  

If you over-loaded the pipe with plenty of chlorine you will have problems releasing that water into the environment.  Municipalities don't want that water passing through their systems and state water quality and environmental authorities are no longer permitting the release of that water into the environment without the chlorine first being completely neutralized.

So the need to flush and clean the pipeline before you chlorinate makes more sense now as it makes the dechlorination process easier and simplerHAVING YOUR OWN COPY OF THE STANDARD GIVES YOU THE KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO DO THAT JOB RIGHT.

For a limited time we  are offering  a choice of either the ANSI/AWWA C-651 Disinfecting Water Mains or ANSI/AWWA C-655 Field Dechlorination standards with your purchase of a 3M-3100 H2O Neutralizer. Purchase the 3M-3150 Total Solution Package or the Model 5M H2O Neutralizer and you will receive both standards.

Why do I say having a copy of the standards gives you knowledge you need?  In many cases you will not get correct information from project owners and consultants as many of them on not up-to-speed on the newest standard updates and State requirements.

Every State has Criteria in their Water Quality Regulations that cover chlorine discharges, including requirements for how dissolved oxygen and pH levels can be affected. If you alter these water conditions in any way that does harm to the environment, such as create a fish kill, you will be the party held responsible.  

It is your company’s insurance bond that is on the line, not the project owner or specifier. As the party completing the work in question you are responsible  for the results of any procedures you use whether your owner/consultant  told you to use those procedures or not.

I have talked with many owners who don’t really care much about how a contractor completes the work they specify as long as it meets their specs, as they consider it the contractor's problem if they do damage to the environment.

Having the correct information needed to assure you complete your work safely is critical to finishing that work without issues.  And with your purchase of the H2O Neutralizer we will make sure you have the latest AWWA information necessary to know the right way to do that work.

H2O Neutralizer gives you the ability to chlorinate and dechlorinate though a 1 inch service line or a 96 inch transmission line using the same device at flows as low as 9 GPM to 1250+ GPM for the 3M device and over 4,000+ GPM for the 5M device. No other manufacturer can make that claim and back it up with performance history.

The old days of loading the pipe line with chlorine during construction and just flushing are over. Now you need to have a flushing & chlorination plan with procedures for neutralizing the discharge when you finish. Know that you have to meet Federal (EPA) and State requirements for elimination of chlorine residual before you discharge.

By having your own copy of the standards you will have proven knowledge of acceptable procedures for handling and discharge of highly chlorinated water. Develop and work your plan according to the latest standards and you will avoid problems. Having the source information at your fingertips will prove valuable when facing project managers demanding that you employ questionable procedures

After all it’s your bond, not theirs, that gets hit if anything goes wrong.

You get your copy of the standard of your choice when you send in your registration. Simply indicate your choice when you register your device and we will send your copy of the standard you choose directly to you. Give us a call today to learn which model H2O Neutralizer best fits your needs, and once you get your unit register it on-line at and we will send your copy of the standard of your choice.