H2O Water Quality Sampling Station

With our new light duty sampling station you have no need to worry about maintaining the valves in this station. We use only high grade industrial stainless steel ball valves within the working area of the station.

Our Cold climate model is designed to connect to a main shut-off control curb stop ball valve which is furnished by the installer. Other manufacturers' stations that feature below ground valves repairable from above offer an inferior design because the valve gasket wears out after a number of uses or fails to seal because of debris in the water that gets embedded in the gasket causing it to leak, requiring its replacement. Our ball valves don't have this problem.

During cold climate conditions when you want to drain the station to prevent freezing, you just close the main valve, attach your hand pump to the ¼” drain tubing in the station, open both control valves in the station and pump out the line, draining the 3/8” tube.