High Volume Flushing – Understanding the Challenges of this New AWWA Standard Requirement

For years little attention has been paid in waterline projects to what happens with water after it is flushed from the system. In the past, when constructing a waterline system up to 24-inch diameter, you would place calcium hypochlorite in the line during construction and then fill the line as slow as possible to keep the calcium in the proper place within the line, to chlorinate the system.


Introducing Our New Multi-Climate Sampling Station

The H2O Water Quality Sampling Station

Last year we introduced our High Security Water Quality Sampling Station with a warm climate (continuous flow) design. We promised we would also be introducing a cold climate style station with the ability to be drained during cold months.


Are You Ready for the Big One?

Are you ready for your next catastrophic water main break?

All utilities are ready for typical water main breaks with the proper equipment; backhoes, pumps, hand tools and repair clamps.


Are You Ready? - Spring 2016

The start of construction season is in full swing throughout North America, with new construction taking place involving many projects replacing old outdated systems. If you have been in this industry any length of time you are aware that the industry is behind the eight-ball when it comes to replacement of aging water and sewer systems.


How Having the Right Information Will Protect Your Bond;

Free Copy of ANSI/AWWA Standards 
C-651 Disinfecting Water Mains or C-655 Field DeChlorination
with Purchase of the H2O Neutralizer.

Understanding the requirements necessary to complete any water line project with a minimum number of issues is essential to completing any project successfully. That is one of the main reasons I write this newsletter, to share important knowledge about field chlorination and dechlorination.


Introducing Our Heavy-Duty All-Climate Water Quality Sampling Station

This issue we would like to introduce a new product group from Measurement Technologies, Water Quality Sampling Stations. We are offering a HIGH SECURITY –SEVERE ENVIRONMENT style sampling station is based on an original design created by Seattle Public Utilities in 1975. 

It’s hard to improve on the material construction of the housing of this station as specified in the original design.


Deciding on a Chlorination Plan for your next Water Line Project.

Chlorination is one of the last steps in any pipeline project or repair. Planning for this phase at the beginning of any project is one of the most important things you can do to assure this part of finishing any job comes off without problems.

Project specifications should call out the approved process for chlorination that will be used at the end of the job.


Field Repair & Testing: Important Issues Related to the Newly Updated AWWA C-651 Disinfecting Water Mains Standard Affecting Contractors & Utilities .

By Robert J. Gordhamer - President of Measurement Technologies
          AWWA sub-committee chair for the C-651 Disinfecting Water Mains Standard Committee. 

With the newly issued C-651 Disinfecting Water Mains standard out  over a month now and having  encountered misinterpretations of it in my conversations with customers, we continue our discussion of what the changes in the new update mean to everyone working in the field.